Prestige vs COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to students, educators, and parents.
And now we are learning about the broad impacts on students as a result of schools being closed, following strict protocols and following physically distancing guidelines and isolation, and there has been other unexpected changes to their live as well.

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted teaching and learning for many schools. However, what has become clear is that this disruption has been both negative and positive. Despite the challenges faced, in Prestige we contributed to the education system in an advanced way. We came up with all the solutions to eradicate the problems faced, and we were successful In doing so which has led to the smooth running operation offline. Teachers have had to adapt how they teach, such as delivering online or in split classes, but they have also learnt how to use digital tools. Many have also become aware of how learning at a distance, or in smaller groups, can be beneficial for some students

Teachers will play an important role when students return and in Prestige our main goal is to provide emotional support, along with academic advice and guidance. Different students within the same class will have had different experiences of the lockdown period and varying levels of coping skills. We plan to assess the students’ emotional situations and provide strategies to help them cope with stress and anxiety.

In Prestige we have come up with a road map to be followed when the school just as we had followed before.


Just as we have done it previously, A shift model will be followed to limit social interactions and enable greater social distancing. We plan to create bubbles and use open spaces effectively. During huddles, the importance of washing hands, coughing etiquette, and wearing masks will be taught. At the school entrance, temperature detectors and screening devices will be installed. The school buses will be equipped to screen all students.
Before the schools open and and as soon as it closes its our priority to sanitize the entire school area.

To be on the safer side we fumigate the classrooms and every corner of the school area.
We will make sure to follow every step that’s needed to ensure the safety and health of your child. And also prevent the spread of this virus. We will ensure to follow the same efficiently all the time.

With the new technologies on board, The concept of classrooms has changed drastically we provide –online classes, virtual classes, and physical classes and these would be the three modes that could be used widely along students and the faculties. With the uncertainty happening around us, it is important that we as a parent or the guardian should also keep certain things in mind. With the cooperation of parents, students and faculty this can run smoothly. And for that, few things should be kept in mind- – We must accept uncertainty and disappointments that could come along the way
– We must discuss safety measures – such as wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping distance
– Establishing new routines for school
– Stay informed and give out information about spread of the virus in their communities
– Model coping for their kids
– Helping kids with uncertainty
– We must talk openly with kids about disappointments and challenges
– We must start praising kids more often for overcoming challenges
– Parents should make it a point to communicate with teachers often
– Parents and teachers watch for signs of problems for kids and must be aware of everything a child can face
– trouble focusing or sleeping, or changes in behavior
– Seek support – for themselves, for their kids, and for schoolwork when needed, and this will be followed both by Parents and the teachers.
– Continuously seek opportunities to stay connected with other parents virtually.
– And above all we must stay positive and celebrate successes.