why prestige ?

There are many reasons why you should choose PRESTIGE PU College.

  • PRESTIGE College prepares for the year end exams from the day one.
  • There will be no confusion between coaching classes and college in PRESTIGE PU College.
  • Don’t waste your valuable money and time by joining other PU Colleges, JOIN PRESTIGE and be worry free.
  • PRESTIGE PU College follows an effective and proved teaching Methodology which allows the students to simultaneously prepare for the board exams and competitive exams.
  • Final Exam – 100 marks
  • PRESTIGE PU College follows a Technology Driven System which ensures students learning continues even after college.
  • PRESTIGE PU College has an experienced and a dedicated faculty who are available even after college hours to guide our students.
  • All the activities in PRESTIGE PU College are well balanced to achieve best future citizens.
  • PRESTIGE PU College encourages each student by mentoring, counseling them which in makes them to move confidently at every stage.
  • Main Motto in PRESTIGE is providing the best results.

Currently, PRESTIGE PU College started with the residential Program for students across Karnataka.