Results at the Board Exams

At the CBSE Board Exams, our third Batch of Grade 10 students have done us proud. A total of 36 students took the exams of Grade 10, and we have had 16 students who passed with distinctions and 20 of them secured First Class results.

Grade 10 CBSE Results

The following students have scored perfect 10 CGPA.
HajeraNaseer, NazilaHamadBhava and Wisal Mohammed Sayeed

The following students scored 9.8 CGPA
Sana Naima, Mir MubashshirZahoor and Munis

The following students scored 9.8 CGPA
ReemaFathimaAshraff, ImadIqbal Khan and Sanad Mohammed Sheikh

The following students scored 9.4 CGPA
Abdul HameedHameemNasooh, Abdul Sheesh Rawah

The following students scored 9.2 CGPA
Abeer Abdul Aziz, KoppalSachith Ram and MariyamHafaf

The following students scored 9.2 CGPA
Ayesha Thahaniya and Mohammed Amaan

PRESTIGE International School Chairman Mr.Hyder Ali appreciated the sincere efforts of the students, the teachers and the constant support of the parents which has greatly contributed to the success of the school. He also hoped that with the new changes that CBSE is introducing in the present academic year, the school staff and students will perform their best to take